Top 10 Reasons to Enroll

  1. Some of today’s fastest growing career fields: Florida Academy offers more than just quality educational programs, but education that leads to professions consistently ranked in Top 10 and Top 50 Best CareerChoices List, from US News and World Report, Yahoo Jobs, and
  2. Smaller Class Size: Florida Academy is not a mega university, which means our instructors and staff are accessible to students’ needs.
  3. Flexible Class Schedules: Florida Academy has an advantage as a clock hour program rather than semester credit hour program, and offers classes during the day and evening, with a part time and full time program.
  4. Fast Track Learning System: Florida Academy’s curriculum, proven and time tested since 1992, is fast-paced and hands-on, allowing students to graduate in as little as 8 weeks for nail tech and 20 weeks for massage therapy and skin care, meaning our students can enter the workforce more quickly than students in traditional university settings.
  5. Hands-On Learning: Florida Academy does more than present exciting and informative lectures — we show you what the concepts and fundamentals learned in those lectures practically look like with hands-on training.
  6. Real-World Clinic Environment: Florida Academy provides students with the opportunity to care for patients in our student clinic program, giving students the experience of working in a real-world spa environment, which is a competitive edge our graduates have over some other institutions’ graduates.
  7. Experienced and Caring Instructors: Our instructors have practiced professionally in their fields, and many continue to having thriving successful practices, which aids students in their understanding of real-world and up-to-date techniques.
  8. Lifetime Job Placement Assistance: Florida Academy works with newly graduated students and prior alumni alike to find the career that fits individuals’ needs for personal and professional fulfillment.
  9. Student Services: From our library complete with supplemental texts and industry magazines to an extensive video library and computer lab, Florida Academy students have many resources available to them.
  10. Reputation for Excellence since 1992: Florida Academy is known for excellence both locally and nationally, which is why Florida Academy received Natural Awakenings “Best of Southwest Florida” Award for Holistic Medicine Schools and was featured The Art of Living with Marilu Henner which aired on CNN Headline News.

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